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Why You Should NOT Listen to Asher Cataldo’s new album ‘Need To Be’

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

If you want to hear the next American Idol. This album isn’t for you.

But if you want to hear something that changes the way you think about music... Nah just kidding, not for you.

If you want to hear something that’s very Nashville and polished. Definitely not for you.

If you want to hear a new sound that's old and dated with a modern vibe. Maybe?

Still probably not for you.

We didn’t create this album to be anything extraordinary. We didn't sit there and think about what's cool right now. We didn't do it to be rebellious and make a stand to the music industry. We made the whole thing in like 3 days total If I’m being honest. All of it tracked in one day Between Asher, Rob Joyce and myself. Grady Saxman added drums after guitars and bass were done.

And you know what? I enjoyed the hell out of making music with some of my favorite people. It felt good to just make music and not care about anything at all. The process felt good.

It felt good to be a little selfish. It felt good to do something with zero commercial appeal. It's just music.

My buddy Rob Joyce told me about this one in a conversation about music... One of my favorite John Lennon quotes is about the blues... "the blues is a chair, not a design for a chair or a better chair . . . it is the first chair. It is a chair for sitting on, not for looking at. You sit on that music."

We didn't try to reinvent the wheel. We didn't even try to impress with you our ability to re-market the wheel. It's just a wheel. The kind that's worn out and has the fuzzy stuff coming off of it on the top from getting baked by the sun and gripped on long 12 hour drives back and forth from Nashville to Texas to recharge with family as you try and make this music thing "work out."

Asher Cataldo is one of my favorite people in the world. He’s a good dude. The kind of guy that doesn’t go around saying he’s a good guy but just does good things without ever seeking recognition or praise.

If you want to hear the next golden ticket on America’s Got Talent... I think you get the point. This music isn’t meant to be impressive or unimpressive. It's just music. Honest music.

If you want to listen to something that me and some buddies whipped up in a basement studio in an effort to forget about bills, student loans and toxic energy, give it a listen. It's just music.

Watch video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_DkQ_62Tns

Asher Cataldo - Need To Be EP (copyright 2019)

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