• Alejandro Medina III

Why to Write a Blog in the First Place?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

I've always thought the word blog was a little soft honestly. Maybe I just don't like the word. I'm gonna call it thoughts. I'm writing down ideas. So I'm writing a thought. Why? because I believe art isn't art if it doesn't have purpose. What does it mean? That's the most important question to me on any of it. Does it mean anything. Does it have a reason. Doesn't matter at all what that reason is for me as long as it has one.

The reason I'm writing down thoughts is to share the purpose. If I don't share the purpose then the absence of thought makes the art meaningless. Art has to have meaning or it isn't art. Art to me is a capture or representation of a real moment. Can't make it without that real moment.

Technique is nothing. I spent some time in music school, about a semester at Berklee College of Music and degree from Belmont University where I started off doing music and graduated business after asking my counselor what degree would get me out of there the quickest to make my mom happy. The biggest thing I learned was that the more technique I obtained didn't make me a better musician. It just gave me more tools to say what I needed to say.

Technique is a motor skill. Music is a purpose. Pictures are just pictures. Purpose makes them art. Videos are just really fast pictures. Unless they say something.

I started writing my thoughts to offset the visuals and audio with purpose. Otherwise it's just technique. and technique in and only of itself is not art.

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