• Alejandro Medina III

Why I Started A 3rd Lion Store?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

I love what I do. Most every day I wake up and think about music. I think about creating. I think about performing. I think about mixing records. I think about balancing audio. I think about what is pleasing to the ear.

I was blind as a bat growing up, so I’m assuming the hearing was the most stimulated one of my senses, who knows? But several years ago I got lasik eye surgery and to be honest it was hard to take in at first. I had never seen things that vivid. Within the first couple weeks I remember throwing up from nausea as my body was trying to adapt. This kind of stimulation was a shock. Of course at that point you can’t go backwards, you can’t just make them turn it down on your eyes so it’s a little more blurry. So life went on and I eventually got more comfortable with it.

Eventually I started seeing aesthetics I was just now discovering. Visuals started drawing me in more and more. What really got my attention at first was color. Colors are in music what we call harmonies... and by understanding colors I try to create harmonies like I would in music. The concept is simple... does it sound good, does it look good.

The store us something I decided I wanted to do because my vision is that between the composition and mood of my art someone can have something pleasing in their home. My vision is to bring raw emotion into people’s home. And while I continue to do that with music and videos, the photo store allows that for visuals.

Eventually if any paint companies read this, email me I’d love to partner in creating color sets from my aesthetics so a whole home can have a vibe with actual expression and the source of that expression on the wall.

The store can be found at https://www.3rdlionproductions.com/prints

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