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Where did the 3rd Lion Logo Come From?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

When I first started my company I thought about a lot of nothing when it came to names. It seemed like every idea was just an idea with no purpose. Then I pinpointed my problem.

Purpose. I had to have something that meant something to me if I wanted it to be good. The metric for what is "good" to me became one simple concept. Is it real? Is it authentic? That one simple question is everything to me when I'm creating. Does it mean something to me. Not necessarily even emotion. Just simply does it have purpose. Does it contribute to society and the human race.

I can go on a rant about purpose later in another post but the logo itself was a culmination of 3 things.

First, the name came from the number 3 which is important to me being the III in my family. The 3 is a representation of a grandfather I never had the opportunity of meeting having passed while my dad was still young. My name is important to me because of what the man must have stood for to create a man like my father which I can rant about in another post as well but that was the 3.

Second, the fact that the lion has always been my favorite animal. Never really understanding why I was drawn to them I just knew there was something there I started reading about them. Lions strongest characteristic beside the strength and ability to hunt is their ability to collaborate in something called a pride. They understand the power of family. They understand that we win when we all win.

The third was that I wanted to make it my own so I had the artist designing it embed a roman numeral III into the lion's mane. It's a culmination of the things that mean the most to me. Family and Values. While the good Lord gives me the ability I'll keep putting out meaningful art and hope it resonates with someone. And if it doesn't the worst that can happen is I spent a lifetime making things I enjoy to make.

Feel free to check out the website www.3rdlionproductions.com/prints to see my gallery and take some art home.

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