• Alejandro Medina III

What is Art?

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

I think of art in 3 parts. Past, present and future. Does it make you feel something familiar? Does it drive innovation? In this moment are you fully present?

This is my personal opinion of course. When I go about creating anything whether photos, videos, music, these are the things I ask myself.

I was at the beach with my girlfriend not too long ago. I've written about this experience before. Ya'll have seen these pictures on my gallery and on my website. While we were there I remember realizing I kept thinking about what's to come. If I'm doing enough. How I'm going to pay certain bills. How I can change the world.

I remember walking along the beach with a camera in one hand and Alethea's hand in the other and realizing I was thinking about everything but where I was in that moment and appreciating that moment.

That's when I asked her to hold my camera and walked into the water and as I saw a big wave coming, I ducked as quick as I could and let the freezing cold water hit me head on! It was so cold it hurt! I felt alive. I felt present. I felt awake. I felt conscious.

After that I grabbed my camera from Alethea and set the settings. I stopped looking at the LCD preview screen. I didn't look in the viewfinder. I just looked at Alethea. I looked at the water. I looked at the Sunset. I just started snapping photos.

I can't define art for everyone. To me art is comprised of 3 pieces. Past, present and future. Where does it come from? Where is it going? In this moment are you conscious. My job is to capture right now. I can edit photos or mix audio and show my influences and my ambitions in the colors and in the sound but my job when I'm shooting photos, shooting a video, producing a song is to live in the moment. To be present.


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