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Just Gotta Show Up

Just Gotta Show Up

Been lacking a little motivation lately. Honestly I’m a little burnt out. For the past few years it’s been 100 mph. I started writing things down just to help myself process my thoughts more clearly.

If I’m being 100, it’s been nice being away from people for a little bit. Taking time to reflect and clear my mind has probably been healthy.

That being said, this morning for some reason I felt compelled to erase everything on the white boards on my fridge. Plural. At one point I felt the need to buy more than one fridge board to write down thoughts and inspirational quotes. Some I read or heard and others I thought of myself like “be great right now and greatness will be my legacy.”

This morning I cleared it all. Not to disregard the contents but I suppose something inside asking “what now?”

While I feel pulled toward something new and unfamiliar I still find myself a little unmotivated. I been enjoying a little time to myself.

One of my biggest fears in life has always been mediocrity. Or rather slipping up and being only mediocre at something. I’d rather suck than be mediocre. So you can imagine taking too much time to relax has always given me a little bit of anxiety. But how do I battle that while feeling a little unmotivated...

I even google searched “what to do when the fire isn’t burning proper” today. Obviously nothing pulled up but that’s where I was in my head.

Then I realized something. I just gotta keep showing up. Or start showing up. Just show up. Once you’re there something is bound to happen. Once you’re at the gym you’ll probably lift something. Once you’re at a lesson you’ll probably learn something. Once you’re on your knees you might even throw a prayer up.

There was a time I was either way too skinny or a little chunked out and just started showing up either at the gym or around people that knew what they were doing and that led to results. There was a time I didn’t know how to play an instrument and just showing interest led to strong mentors. First my Tio Nolo then my buddy Daniel took me under their wings and I became alright at this music thing. There was a time when Nashville had failed or rather I’d failed at Nashville and moved back home and just showing up provided opportunity, life long friends and a clearer vision. There was a time I needed to rest and recover and the world went into quarantine. Just gotta show up.

Motivation is an illusion. Feeling all hyped up on pre-workout only goes so far. Consistency at the end of the day determines outcomes. You won’t get good at guitar unless you pick it up and you won’t get good at overcoming odds if you never put yourself in a room that challenges you. Just gotta show up.

Success at the end of the day is more than money but you need money to live. And happiness is probably a mix of comfortability, proper companionship, hard earned security, and balance.

And also, side note, the Oxford comma is super great makes lists make more sense.

But that’s where I’m at today. I can’t determine what the world around me is going to choose to do but I can be selective on the energy I want to attract in my life and show up there. From experience I can say the rest usually tends to figure itself out. Just gotta show up.

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