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How to Pick the Right First Camera? I Don’t Want to Waste Money... But I Want to Shoot Pro!

This is a tough one...

Here’s the thing. Wasting money sucks. You’re ready to buy your first DSLR camera, ready to take pro pictures, maybe even shoot some videos for your buddy with an acoustic guitar. Finally saved up a little cash, now where to start!

It’s tough, I’ve been there.

Here‘s the thing. There’s no perfect answer (*cough Sony cough*).

Just kidding but let me give you a super watered down breakdown.


Canon is known for its great skin tones. They are great. Also a lot of great glass. Like really great glass. Limitations, no 4K video, limited frame rates so if you want to do some high end video or super sexy slow motion this is not the move. If you want pictures with a super crisp look and more glass options, totally the play. There’s a lot of potential cameras of course in the canon family but I’m talking great first cameras. My first camera was a Canon 70D which you can pick up now for about 500 bucks. It was cool but I hated the lack of slow motion video and honestly I wasn’t just overly impressed.


Nikon is nice. They have a good selection, the comparable first camera time choice would probably be the d3500. You’ll get 60 frames at 1080 For video. Again good camera, just nothing ever really stood out to me.


Panasonic has the G7. I’ll be honest those are little sleepers. People underplay them but Panasonic Lumix cameras have a lot of pros. You’re looking at a 500 dollar camera than can shoot 4K with a kit lens running 14 to 42 mm. In other words it can shoot good quality and you’re getting a pretty functional variable lens. Downfall I think is limited glass.


I’m a little bit biased. But that’s also why I got a Sony. I’ll be honest I shoot an a6500 which is more than the comparable a6000. The a6000 is a good camera. It doesn’t shoot the 4K vídeo like the G7 but it does give you 60 frames at 1080. It’s a usable slow motion for sure. The thing I like about Sony is they have their own look and usually have the most bang for the buck as far as features and capability goes.

The biggest thing about choosing your first camera is thinking ahead. If you plan on eventually upgrading you’ll want to choose a brand you won’t have to trade in all your old glass on.

Cannon has an incredible selection of glass and unique clear look. Panasonic has a lot of capability and a great clear look as well. Sony has a ton of capabilities and features as well as a good selection of glass and a unique artistic look. I love pairing my Sony with Sigma glass.

I’ve shot every single picture on my website with a Sony a6500 and all the videos but a couple shots with an a6500 or some higher end Sony camera. For a run and gun type shooter where you want great quality and flexibility I just highly recommend it. My next camera will probably be another Sony.

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In the picture: Moriah Domby - Insta: @moriahjo

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