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How to Create That Blurred / Blurry Background Like a Pro! It’s Not Even Hard

You ever seen that beautiful blurred background on a photo and though, man that’s so cool how do I do that? Well that my friends is a little camera knowledge mixed with a little magic.

In my last post I shared the 3 things I consider cornerstones of using any camera, but let’s get a little deeper.

The term for that blur is Bokeh, and honestly I don’t pronounce it right but I learned Spanish before English, then joined a country band so take that for what it is.

Bokeh is defined as the way light renders out of focus points According to the ole Wikipedia. Or how the background not in focus blurs out to super simplify it.

The more open your lens is the more blurry the background. The less open the lens is (or lower the f-stop) the less blurry the background.

Simple enough right? So if you want that super crisp image with a nice blurred background you’ll need to keep your f-stop low.

F-stop low = more light.

F-stop high = less light.

Staying with me? It’s easy think of your eyeballs, more open more light, you start shutting them and covering them with a fake hand visor when it’s too bright.

Low f-stop will let in more light so try keeping your ISO super low (I start at 100), then adjust my shutter speed accordingly so I can keep the lens wide open. You’ll probably end up with high shutter speeds when you’re in a bright setting.

A good starting point outside would be f2.0 to f4.0 you could go less but you’ll start loosing detail in the subject most likely, just play around with it. Try ISO - 100, f2.5ish, and shutter speed adjusted to where your exposure meter reads zero.

Play around with it! There’s never a right answer. Just artistic preference. Find what you like and do that.

For more tips on using your camera on manual I wrote up some tips here.


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