• Alejandro Medina III

Austin Bishop Tells Heartfelt Triumphant Story in New Single 'Till the Day That I Die'

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

We were sitting outside on the porch the night before going into the studio to cut his next single Down In Dixie when Austin and I had a conversation about the upcoming EP.

I remember telling him Austin I feel like we need a song were you tell people about some of the things you've experienced. You have an incredible story and I think a lot of people would love to hear it.

He said, "man, I just got done writing this one in the truck, tell me what you think."

As he played 'Till the Day That I Die' I knew we had to put it out ASAP within the first hook. We called the band the next morning and asked them if they didn't mind playing an extra song that day.

Every lyric in 'Till the Day That I Die' is an honest story of overcoming difficulties. He talks about loss, hardship and the lessons learned.

Listen on your favorite streaming platform here.

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