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5 Tips on Running a Business on the Road

Updated: Jul 21, 2019

Running a business is a lot of work. Running one while on the road is a whole different animal. Most weekends I’m usually on a bus headed somewhere to play a show. Then my time at home is divided between working in town and spending time with my girlfriend 3 hours down the road.

Balancing all this can can be difficult but I’ve come up with a few tips that help me keep it all going.


Your phone is your best friend!

Keep that thing charged and make sure you have all your email accounts properly set up.


Schedule everything!

Keep your schedule on your phone and make sure you plan accordingly to where you’re going to be. I try and book photo and video shoots while I know I’m going to be in town Monday through Wednesday then hit the road and plan my editing schedule while I know I’ll be spending time with my girlfriend. She doesn’t mind me getting work done, considering some couples don’t get to see each other at all for 8 hours a day it actually kind of just makes sense to go to a coffee shop for a few hours or even sit on the porch with a laptop.


Act now don’t wait.

As soon as you have an idea or think of something that has to get done pull the trigger! If someone texts and asks if you’re available a certain day you’ll probably forget to hit them back in a timely manner and lose that potential business. Procrastinating only works when you don’t have a lot going on. Someone busy like yourself has too much to think about to remember to send that quote. Act now. The more you learn to pull the trigger on little things the more it helps all the big decisions too.


Learn how to leverage your situation.

With my 3rd Lion brand I was originally taking a lot of portrait photography shots focusing more on shooting people than landscapes and travel footage. I finally realized, if I leverage the time I spend on the road and opportunities to see many things it would be less stressful than trying to book all my work in the short time frame I am available certain times during the week. Now I still love to shoot portrait photography but can shoot twice as many photos bringing my camera on the road. Think of things you can do with the tools at hand from wherever you are. It’ll be different for everyone. Some musicians bring laptops and iRigs on the road to play on tracks remote. Some people know how to flip sneakers for high profits from their phone. Just leverage your passions and interests and it won’t feel so much like work.


Use your time wisely.

I’m actually in a bunk now headed to Sarasota, FL for a show. I could be doing a number of things but sharing knowledge with others is a passion of mine. I know how much work it’s taken to be able to do the things I love to do for a living so if I can help anyone do the same and find freedom then it’s worth losing a little sleep. Use your time wisely. It’s the one asset you and I have that holds the same constants as a billionaires. We all get 24 hours in a day. It all comes back to how bad do you want it.

Thats my 5 tips. Feel free to comment below and share. Also feel free to check out the 3rd Lion store at www.3rdlionproductions.com/prints and grab some artwork for your home or office. Stay blessed!

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