3rd Lion Productions was created originally to service musical needs.  The brand was dedicated to music creation, arranging and producing music to service new artists.  

3rd Lion began servicing video needs as a means to help promote the music. Working out of a living room in a triplex, Alejandro Medina and long time friend and fellow musician Stu Stapleton would make arrangements of different songs and put them on YouTube with musical performance videos. 

The passion for videography discovered photography and after using photos to help new artists brand themselves, Alejandro began using photography as  it's own art form, shooting and editing photos as a rest from all the music.

Now the brand is dedicated simply to creating something meaningful with likeminded individuals. We make Art. Enjoy our photographs, our music or our Artists. It's all an expression of a bigger vision to change the world with art.


Alejandro Medina III is an American entertainment, lifestyle photographer and videographer based between Texas and Nashville, who believes in creating art that's bigger than real life.


The Texas native picked up a camera for the first time over 5 years ago to fill a need within his music production team. From that moment, a new passion ignited and Alejandro decided to merge the visual aesthetics with the music production.


The former Berklee College of Music student and Belmont University graduate uses his experience in music to create what he calls visual harmonies within photographs. His diverse portfolio includes top and rising country stars, fitness models, businessmen, families, and more.


Alejandro believes in "making things look better than real life," and prides himself on the utmost level of professionalism, making his clients feel comfortable no matter their level of experience.

When not behind the lens, Alejandro can be found on the road playing bass with Riley Green, enjoying a cup of coffee, or coming up with a new project to undertake.